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Welcome to the Quilted Wall.

Our panels can be produced in any textile and with any quilted design to include logos, lettering and custom designs that your imagination can dream up.


The panels can be manufactured to any size restricted only by the fabric or leather used. The product can be mounted on the wall using tracking or upholstered on to boards depending on the nature of the project. We do offer a full installation service if required or we can manufacture the panels to your specification and your contractors can install them.

We have been providing quilted bedspreads and soft furnishings to hotels and interior designers for over 21 years. This wealth of experience has helped us to constantly develop new and innovative products.

The interest that we have generated from this product has been exciting and we are currently working closely with customers on concepts for hotel suites, bars, restaurants, car showrooms, VIP areas and stately homes. We would be delighted to hear from you with any opportunities where we can work together, providing samples and explaining in more detail about our unique product.

If you need to see any image in more detail they are available on request. I will contact you in due course but in the mean time please do not hesitate to contact a member of our design team for further assistance.